Nichols Signs Continual Improvement

Continual improvement is all about making things better through identifying improvement opportunities and striving towards a stated goal. Here at Nichols Signs we’re constantly coming up with new and improved ideas within the workplace for businesses and factories. We’re often asked to see what ideas we have to make the work area better and what their problems are. We love this because, we’re able to have an over all look at the job and see whats needed to improve the area and contribute to the continual improvement. With over 25 years experience and having superb craftsmanship we’re able to design signage with effect and purpose.


Bespoke Sign Development

Offering bespoke signage systems, specifically designed to meet our individual clients requirements. We’re often involved in providing solutions to improve products, services and processes within the work space. By designing a functional sign which goes hand in hand with production management. We’ll take our experience and knowledge of the market and designed something perfect for continual improvement


Health and Safety Signs

Being safe at work is important. It is a responsibility shared by both the employer and the employee. For employers, one of the fundamental principles of workplace health and safety is risk assessment which identifies all the hazards and potential for harm whilst working.

Here at Nichols Signs we manufacture bespoke signage to various business and factories across the UK. All branded and designed specifically for improving the management and is part of continual improvement. There’s a vast range of signage which would be needed to contribute to the health and safety of the employees. We make everything in house giving you the ability to brand all of your health and safety signage.

1. Consultation

Please call or email a member of our team and we’ll be glad to discuss your requirements for your project.

2. Design

We’ll work closely with you to develop a design and style that works within your requirements.

3. Manufacturing

We’ll then produce your graphics or signage with the best materials available to provide you with a professional final product.

4. Installation

Where applicable we’ll visit your site to install your signage or graphics to the highest standards available.

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