Nichols Signs Illuminated Signage

We design and manufacture a range of illuminated signage for our customers, for both internal and external spaces such as;

  • Internally illuminated sign boxes with acrylic/aluminium faces
  • Flex face, large format signs (no joints in the face no matter how large)
  • Built up lettering, stainless steel/powder coated aluminium/acrylic with L.E.D illumination
  • Restaurant & Retail Internal neon/led illumination
  • Exposed neon lettering/logos/stripes
  • Halo illuminated letters/logos
  • Menu cases
  • Brass/black & chrome traditional swan neck lamps
  • Continuous aluminium trough lighting powder coated any colour
  • Cable display systems
  • Accent lighting
  • L.E.D pelmets
  • Under unit lighting
  • Logo panels

All made to order & made in house.

There are many forms of illuminated signage some of them are more obvious than others. Here at Nichols Signs we offer the entire range of custom built bespoke illuminated signage, all at competitive prices. L.E.D’s have improved over the years, and this means we can offer cost effective and durable signs to our customers. Illumination can be used in many ways, whether that’s a feature within the signage or within the workplace.

Our team will come and do a full site survey and follow up with a full detailed drawing and price. We’ll advise along the way with whats to be expected and make sure that the technical bits are dealt with.

All of our custom built signs are supplied with low power L.E.D modules and fabricated in all material types such as; Dibond (Aluminium composite), Acrylic Perspex, Ferrous and non Ferrous metals. As well as L.E.D and florescent illumination, we also offer custom built neon.

Neon is available in high or low voltage, depending on the desired specification and site location, we also make custom built cases for neon to offer protection for the sign and customer – We make it all!

1. Consultation

Please call or email a member of our team and we’ll be glad to discuss your requirements for your project.

2. Design

We’ll work closely with you to develop a design and style that works within your requirements.

3. Printing

We’ll then produce your graphics or signage with the best materials available to provide you with a professional final product.

4. Application

Where applicable we’ll visit your site to install your signage or graphics to the highest standards available.

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