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What we do:

Here at Nichols Signs we offer a nationwide service to help you promote your business by adding window graphics. We have the ability to print high resolution images with up to 1200 dpi, having crisp lines and vibrant colours. Your window is the perfect area to get the most out of advertising. We offer to design, manufacture and install window graphics for window displays within shopping centers, and adding corporate branding to businesses and organisations.

Window graphic materials:

With a wide range of materials to use for window graphics, it all depends on how much or little impact you want. Full colour print or self coloured vinyls will add a more vibrant feel to the window graphics;

  • Partially covering: to add little privacy but still allow natural light and a view to outside
  • Full window covering: Completely blocking the view to outside and reduces the natural light

Window Etching will create a frosting to the window which stills allows a certain level of light to pass through;

  • Partial window etching: The addition of logos and branding to create a more subtle approach
  • Full window etching: still allowing the passive of light as etch is a light opaque film

Window Etching

Specialists in designing window graphic applications using a combination of printed vinyl, self coloured and etch films.

With a range of grades to choose from like premium grade printed vinyl’s for retail use or frosted films that comes in a variety of shades, finishes and frostings effect (Clear frosted, sparkle films, crystal etch, Matt clear)

We also provide solar films allowing varying degrees of light transmission to cut down on solar glare and also provide security.

Printed Window Graphics Rotherham

Printed Designs

Printed window graphics come in a range of appearances; from fully opaque printed window graphics to one way vision film, we offer it all.

We can print onto almost anything; Therefore we can offer a wide ranges of services for our customers.

  • One way vision
  • Printed frosted etch
  • Matt Clear
  • Full colour graphics


As it’s a legal requirement to apply window manifestation to any full height window glazing, partition walls and glass doors. Why not get creative? – Other than the standard stripes or etched dots we can replicate your company logo or incorporate text both to act as manifestation barrier.

Applying your business motto or catch phase, written in a beautiful handwritten script.

The current legislation states a minimum of 75mm diameter dots sets at a height of 800mm and 1500mm from floor level. This creates a visual barrier to prevent personnel collision.

1. Consultation

Please call or email a member of our team and we’ll be glad to discuss your requirements for your project.

2. Design

We’ll work closely with you to develop a design and style that works within your requirements.

3. Printing

We’ll then produce your graphics or signage with the best materials available to provide you with a professional final product.

4. Application

Where applicable we’ll visit your site to install your signage or graphics to the highest standards available.

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